Lighting can make or break a place – right?

When you visit a hotel or restaurant have you stopped to consider what sets one apart from the other?

We enjoy eating out and holidays – who doesn’t? As an electrician, but also as a guest, I always notice the lighting. It’s like a good waiter. If the service is excellent, you don’t notice it – but you do when it’s bad, don’t you. Do you know what I mean? Glaring white light that’s cold and uninviting can make you and your company look like you’re trying to have a fun experience lit up in what looks like a concrete jungle office atmosphere. Hardly romantic.

Flickering lights that make your eyes twitch – pretty irritating. ¬†Lighting that leaves puddles of deep darkness where you feel you are going to be stumbling around like a mole aren’t great either.

When I’m dining out, I personally like intimate, warm lighting, hung directly over my head so I can appreciate my food – and company. Lighting that means I don’t have to squint at the menu or reach for my glasses. Lighting that creates our own little private bubble.

Now step out of the example restaurant and into your home.

Lighting can set a mood, improve productivity, make tasks easier – often safer. Is your lighting design working for you? Are you spending a fortune on lighting using old fashioned bulbs and unsure on how to replace them? My wife went to B&Q and had 3 walls of light bulbs to choose from. She left. She sent me instead. Funnily enough, I had the right bulb in my workshop.

Talk to us, about your lighting problems – we’ll turn them into solutions.


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